PLEASE NOTE :The Commission has completed its work. The office is closed as of December 12, 1997.
Press Conference in December
The NCARC Roll Out Event was held December 11, 1997 at 3:30pm at the Madison Hotel in Washington D.C. The hotel is located at the corner of 15th & M streets, and the event was held in Drawing Rooms 3 & 4. Both Secretary Slater and Administrator Garvey attended.

Final Report Executive Summary
To view only the executive summary of the Commission's report click here.

Final Report Now Available
To view the text of the NCARC final report in it's entirety click here.

Secretary Slater responds to Preliminary Finance Report
Secretary Rodney Slater issued a response on October 17th to the Commission's recommendations in the Preliminary Finance Report. To view the Secretary's response letter click here.

Safety Public Hearing Testimony
On October 8th, the second and final NCARC public hearing was held in the Rayburn House Office Building. To view the hearing transcript, agenda, and individual written statements of the witnesses click here.

Preliminary Finance Report Now Public...
As of September 25th, the NCARC is making the Preliminary Finance Report available to the public. Click here to view a copy of the report.

Chairman Mineta's Opening Remarks
Former House of Representatives Public Works and Transportation Committee Chairman Norman Y. Mineta is the Chairman of the National Civil Aviation Review Commission. To view the chairman's remarks click here.

How the Commission was Created...
The commission was created by Congress via language in the Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act of 1996. Section 274 of the legislation, which addresses the National Civil Aviation Review Commission is reprinted here.

Appointments to the Commission
To view the names and addresses of each of the 21 commissioners click here.

Press Releases
To view press releases related to Commission activities such as public hearings click here

Financing Public Hearing Testimony
On May 28th, 1997 the National Civil Aviation Review Commission held the first of two public hearings. Seventeen organizations testified at that hearing which related to financing the Federal Aviation Administration. To view the testimony submitted for the record at that hearing click here.

Excerpt from the Congressional Record
To view the transcript of the June 27th Colloquy on the Budget Reconciliation Bill (S. 949) click here.

Statements of the Commission
To view the National Civil Aviation Review Commission statement on Congressional Tax Committee Actions click here.

Background Papers
The following working papers or "white papers" were written for the Commission by staff to layout some of the issues they will be addressing. To access those documents click here.

Commission Staff Roster
To access a listing of the Commission staff members please click here.