NORDOCs (The North Texas Documents Group)

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NORDOCs (the North Texas Documents Group) is a group made up of librarians from federal depository libraries in the North Texas area. We meet a twice a year (spring & fall) to discuss common concerns and to learn from each other. Any librarian with an interest in government information is welcome to attend our meetings.The chair is chosen annually from among the attendees.

Federal Depository Libraries maintain collections of federal government publications which can be used by the general public. Some of the libraries involved in NORDOCs also collect Texas and local government publications. Library locations, contact information, and more can be found in the Texas Depository Libraries Directory.

New to government documents? Find information about being a new documents librarian here.

Want to find out more about the government documents librarian community in Texas? Check out the TX-Fed list-serv.

NORDOCs Meeting Minutes: coming soon