Event: Salute to UNT Faculty Book Authors

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Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018. 2:00pm to 4:00pm


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The UNT Libraries are proud to present The Salute to UNT Faculty Book Authors Exhibition on October 3, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Willis Library Forum, Room 140. Cookies and refreshments will be served. If you plan to attend this special event, please register.

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This exhibition is part of the Salute to Faculty Excellence in Research and Creative Activity and one of the 2018 Salute to Faculty Excellence Week events.

The following UNT faculty members will be honored during the event:

Nicholas Evangelopoulos (Information Technology and Decision Sciences) and J. Michael Spector (Learning Technologies). An Analysis of Two Decades of Educational Technology Publications: Who, What and Where.

Gabe Ignatow (Sociology). An Introduction to Text Mining: Research Design, Data Collection, and Analysis.

Steven Wolverton (Geography and the Environment). Becoming a Researcher: Making the Transition to Graduate School.

Kristin Meany-Walen (Counseling and Higher Education). Doing Play Therapy: From Building the Relationship to Facilitating Change.

Miriam C. Boesch (Educational Psychology). Effective Augmentative and Alternative Communication Practices: A Handbook for School-Based Practitioners.

Rachel Louise Moran (History). Governing Bodies: American Politics and the Shaping of the Modern Physique.

Keith Wayne Brown (Philosophy and Religion) and J. Baird Callicott (Philosophy and Religion). Greek Natural Philosophy: The Presocratics and Their Importance for Environmental Philosophy.

Amy R. Murrell (Psychology). I See ME: More Than One Tree.

Tyson E. Lewis (Art Education and Art History). Inoperative Learning: A Radical Rethinking of Educational Potentialities.

Miguel F. Acevedo (Electrical Engineering). Introduction to Renewable Power Systems and the Environment with R.

Pinliang Dong (Geography and the Environment). LiDAR Remote Sensing and Applications.

Olga Velikanova (History). Mass Political Culture Under Stalinism: Popular Discussion of the Soviet Constitution of 1936.

J. Michael Spector (Learning Technologies). Motivation, Learning, and Technology: Embodied Educational Motivation.

Jean Harden (UNT Libraries). Music Description and Access: Solving the Puzzle of Cataloging.

Nicholas Evangelopoulos (Information Technology and Decision Sciences). Real Estate Analysis in the Information Age: Techniques for Big Data and Statistical Modeling.

Ian Finseth (English). The Civil War Dead and American Modernity.

Kenneth Thompson (Marketing and Logistics) and David Harold Strutton (Marketing and Logistics). The Millennial’s Manifesto: Forty Ways to Prevent a Vast Internet-Marketing Complex from Ruining Your Life.

Nadine M. Kalin (Art Education and Art History). The Neoliberalization of Creativity Education: Democratizing, Destructing and Decreating.

Carlson Clinton (Design). The Reflection Guide to the Impact Cycle: What Instructional Coaches Should Do to Foster Powerful Improvements in Teaching.

William J. Coppola (Music Education). World Music Pedagogy, Volume IV: Instrumental Music Education.

Cynthia Kay Chandler (Counseling and Higher Education). Animal-Assisted Interventions for Emotional and Mental Health: Conversations with Pioneers of the Field.

Marie-Christine Weidmann Koop (World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures). Heurs et Malheurs du Système Educatif en France.

Hsia-Ching Chang (Information Science) and Suliman Hawamdeh (Information Science). Analytics and Knowledge Management.

The Salute to UNT Faculty Book Authors Exhibition is presented by the UNT Libraries in partnership with the Office of Faculty Success and the Office of Research and Innovation.