Event: Japanese Book Making Workshop

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Thursday, Jul. 26, 2018. 10:30am to 11:30am




Special Collections

About this Event

drawings of tools used in book construction

In honor of National Library Week, UNT Special Collections wanted to show that libraries lead in creativity, by offering a hands-on workshop to learn Japanese bookmaking techniques.

This workshop will focus on the art of Japanese stab binding, the suminagashi paper marbling technique, and block printing.

  • Japanese stab binding is a method of book-binding where the body of the book is a stack of single sheets rather than a solid, separate binding. Stab binding only requires the sheets to be of similar size; the color or textures of each page can vary.
  • Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese technique. Perhaps the oldest form of marbling, Suminagashi is the method of using water and ink and marbling techniques to create a colorful work of art on plain paper.
  • Woodblock printing came to prominence during Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868). Using water-based inks, Japanese artists and book-makers turned printing into a vivid process.

Please join us for this wonderful workshop, and leave with your own custom handmade book!

This event is part of the UNT Libraries’ celebration of National Library Week.

Event Information:
April 11, 2018
UNT Willis Library, Room 140
2pm - 5pm