24 Commons: Tutorials & Software Support

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This page is designed to provide useful links about the software provided in the Willis 24 Commons.

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe’s Acrobat support Page - Acrobat forums, tutorials, and troubleshooting.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator support page - Forums, tutorials and troubleshooting for Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop support page - Forums, tutorials, and troubleshooting for Photoshop.

Firefox Help - A help page for the Firefox web browser.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft’s Office Assistance Page - Provides help and tips for all Microsoft Office components.

OmniPage users guide - Information on using Omni Page.

PuTTY documentation page - Full manuals for PuTTY.

Readiris for Mac user guides - Readiris user guide for Mac OS X.

UCLA’s ATS spss page - Information on how to use SPSS.
Harvard-MIT Guide to SPSS- Information about SPSS.

Style Manuals
Willis Library Style Page - Links to common style guides.

Tera Term Pro
Tera Term Help Index - A introduction to Tera Term.

WinZip support page - Frequently asked questions and product information.

SmartFTP support page - Information on how to use SmartFTP.

WinSCP documentation age - Full instructions for using WinSCP.

JAWS training page - Information on using JAWS screen reader.

MAGic training page - Information on using MAGic screen magnifier.